- International Child Abductions - A manual for       
- Information for parents of abducted children         
- Solo parent alert documents for travel with minor
- Removal from jurisdiction - Matters to consider
International Conventions

- Hague Convention of Civil Aspects of Parental     
  Child Abduction
- UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
  Dealing with the Law

- How to work with your Lawyer
Effect of Abduction on Children

- Parental Abduction is Child Abuse
- Articles in peer-review journals on PAS
- Mediation and PAS
- Spectrum of PAS
- PAS - A 2-step approach towards a solution
- PAS - An analysis of 16 selected cases
Shared Parenting

- Effect of fatherlessness on children
- Kids do better with involved Dads
- Halving it all
- Shared parenting statistics
- Custody & Divorce statistics
- Parenting after divorce
Parenting Plan Tool

- PACT                     - Fathers 4 Justice    
HUKO                     - Missing Indian Kids
- ReUnite                  - US State Travel Dept.
- Missing Kids           - Child Support Resources
- SPIG                      - Global Missing
- Stolen Children      - Prevent-Abuse-Now
- International Centre for Missing & Exploited Kids
- National Centre for Missing & Exploited Kids
- TeamHOPE           - Polly Klass Foundation

Let us not forget that childhood cannot be recaptured. The loss cannot be
undone. Gone forever is that sense of history, intimacy, lost input of values
and morals, self-awareness through knowing one's beginnings, love, contact
with the father & mother, and much more. Virtually no child possesses the
ability to protect him- or herself against such an undignified and total loss.  
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